There are several steps you can take to add a promotional template, as following below :

  1. First step, You can go to Promotion Template menu, then go to the promotion template list page and click the add template button, after that you can add a promotion template.
  2. After the promotion template has been added, this template can also be used to add new promotions in units or in bulk with one click.

Done, you have successfully add new promotion template with Ginee !

Updated Version:

There are several steps you can take to add a promotion template, as follows:

1. Select Promotion Template in your sidebar, then click add template. You can customize the Promotion Template for each Marketplace (Shopee and Bukalapak).

2. With this Promotion Template you can add promotions of a product in a unit or in bulk by one click.

Done, you’ve successfully added a Promoted Template in Ginee.