Read this article and you will know:

  1. About staff management
  2. How to add an staff account
  3. How to edit staff accounts
  4. How to change staff password
About Staff Management

Merchant accounts can add staff accounts in ERP.

Go to Settings > Staff Management

You can see the list of existing staff accounts in the system. Merchants can directly change the password of an staff’s account. After the password is updated, the staff’s account will be automatically logged out.

How To Add Staff Account
  1. If the role of the staff not added yet, please add the role first. Please following this steps: How to use role management
  2. If the role of staff has already been added, you can follow the steps below:
    1. Go to Settings > Staff Management > Add Staff
    2. You can use of virtual email to add staff accounts (the default suffix is Input staff account name (prefix), account password, staff name, mobile phone number, role and other information
    3. Click OK. If the staff account already deleted or has been added by you in other Ginee systems, you will be suggested to directly select the role for the account.
How To Edit Staff
  1. Go to Settings > Staff Management > Search staff name/account > Edit
  2. When editing staff accounts, you can modify the staff name, deactivate and delete it.
  • After deactivated or deleted staff account, it will no longer be able to log in to ERP system, but it will not affect staff to login or use other Ginee systems.
  • After deleted staff account, you still can add again
How To Change Staff Account Password

When staff forget their password, the merchant account can modify the staff account password.

  1. Go to Setting > Staff Management > Search staff name/account > Change Password

Note: After updating the password, if the staff has multiple account permissions in Ginee system (ex. ERP & WMS), each system will be automatically logged out, and need to log in again with the new password.