Ginee Data Scraper Help Center

1. Install Extension

Download the extension at Google Chrome Webstore here, or

Download the extension here, the latest version is Ginee Data Scraper 1.0

2. Login to Ginee

When you are not login to Ginee ERP, click Scrape will jump to Ginee login page, so you need to login to Ginee ERP first

(if you want to use this feature, you need to enable the Scrape permission)

3.1. Single Product Scrape

There are 3 ways to scrape product from the platform

1.) On the product list of the E-commerce platfrom, click “Scrape to Ginee”

2.) Right-click on the product, Scrape to Ginee

3.) On the product detail page, click “Scrape to Ginee”

After click Scrape, the Scraped products will enter the Scrape List;

Skip Scrape

If the product has been scraped and not collected in the Scrape list, you will be prompted: the product has been scraped, do you want to scrape it again?

If you click [Yes] 2 pieces of product data will appear in not collected, and if you click [No] will skip scraping the product

3.2. Store Scrape

In the store details page, you can click Scrape Store Product. After clicking it, all the product under the store will be scraped

After the scrape is completed, the product will enter the Scrape List

4. Collect to Master Product

After the scrape is completed, you can check the scraped product, edit and collect to master product and publish to various platform