Master Product

About Stock SKU changed its name to Master SKU

The stock SKU in the Ginee system is renamed to Master SKU, which is the SKU of the Product Master specification.

About Master Product

To facilitate Seller to manage all products, Product Masters are added to the Ginee system.

You can bind Product Masters to channel products to enable reminders and Stock sync.

You can also import offline products to genie and generate Master Product, and manage offline products through the Ginee system

1. What is the status of the Master Product?

The Product Master is divided into 2 states, waiting to be reviewed and already reviewed.

● Waiting for Review: Product with blank main information. Stock SKU in Stock management (changed to Master SKU) will automatically become Pending of Master Products.

● Reviewed: Main information product, such as description, default price, product image and weight, has been completed. Ready to be shown to various channels for sale.

To facilitate Seller classification, it supports batch or single conversion of pending / approved Master Product statuses. All Master Product will have available stock.

2. Support to Delete Master Product in Bulk

After deleting a Product Master, channel products bound to the Master SKU will be automatically removed.

If the Master SKU is already bound with the bundled product, you need to delete the bundled product first, then delete the bundled Master SKU.

3. What is the relationship between Master Product and Stock Management?

(1) Master Product manages and binds and records channel product information

In the Master Product list, channel products can be bound (note: the Master SKU will be bound directly to the channel variant, and is no longer bind to the platform SKU). Available Master Product stocks will be shared with products from the bound channel.

(2) Stock Management maintains Master Product Stock information

The Master SKU in Stock management is on the Master Product list.

After Master Product created, Master Product Stock (Warehouse, Reserve, Available, Locked, Active, and safety stock) and Stock change records will be managed in Stock management.

The bundled product will only be in the Product Master list and will not be shown in Stock management.

4. Bind and release Master Product integration and channel product

The master SKU will be bound directly to the channel variation. Each channel variation can only be bound to 1 Master SKU.

Release Integration:

● Go to the Master Product list – press SKU or Master SKU to find a Master Product that is not bound by the operation – Main SKU – click to bring up the Master SKU integrator information pop-up window.

● In the Bound-pop-up window: Shows the channel products currently bound to the Master SKU. In the All-pop-up window: Shows all channel products that have bound to the Ginee store.

● Switch to the bound tab in the pop-up window, after searching for the channel product, check the product and release the integration.

● Or directly in the channel product list — click on the Master SKU to jump to the bound Master SKU;


● Move your cursor to the Product Master list – find the Master SKU to bind to – click on the integration information, a pop-up window that displays integration information for the Master SKU.

● Search for the channel product name and channel product SKU in the pop-up window to find channel products. If a channel product is already bound to another Master SKU, you will need to detach and then bind this Master SKU

Integration History:

● Integration note and Master SKU release and channel products will be recorded in Master Product integration history.

● Move your cursor to the Master Product list search to the operations – Master SKU integrator record, you can see it.

5. How to Add Master Product

(1) Steps to add a Master Product :

● Navigate to the main menu-product-add product-Master Product

● After adding the product name, Master SKU, and Stock in stock, click Save as “Product Awaiting Review” and the process is successful.

● After the Master SKU is successfully created, the channel product will be automatically bound (the product platform SKU is exactly the same as the Master SKU)

(2) Create a Master Product via the channel product list

● Navigate to the product-channel menu column-check products without Master SKU, click to create Master Product

● Jump to the “Create Master Product” page to confirm the Master SKU, Stock information, and unit price of the purchase to be made

● After the Master SKU is successfully created, the Master SKU will be automatically bound to the appropriate channel product.

(3) Automatically create product master in bulk via store import

● Navigate to menu – main product – add product – import and create based on store

● In the pop-up window, select the store where you want to create a Master Product, and click Create

(4) Press import to create a new Master Product

● Navigate to the menu – main product – add product – import and create

● Download and import template

● Fill in the required information: Master SKU, Master Product Name, warehouse stock, spare stock, purchase unit price, platform SKU (optional); according to the platform SKU, the corresponding channel product is not tied to another Master SKU. After the Master SKU is successfully created, this channel product will be bound, otherwise the Master SKU creation will fail.

● Import file Master SKU that will be created