What is Ginee Chat ?

Ginee Chat is a new product independently developed by the Ginee team. Based on the difficulties experienced by Multi-Channel Sellers in handling Chat problems from multi-stores in managing Multi-Channel Stores. Ginee is available on the PC version, allows Seller to manage all Channels on one App and start chatting with all Customers from all Stores.

What Problems Do Multi-Channel Sellers Face?

1. Have to look at each channel page to check and respond to unread chats all the times, it is very likely that you will accidentally miss a chat.

2. Sellers with multiple Stores on the same channel have to constantly switch to different accounts, open different browsers, or log in to a different Store account every day to check for new unread chats.

3. Skipping unread chats, which causes slow response and customer complaints, which affects the Store’s ratings.

4. Store status becomes inactive, which will cause sellers to miss opportunities to sell products to potential customers

What Could You Do with Ginee Chat?

1. You only need to download the Ginee Chat Application, and you can manage Chat in real-time from various Channels.

2. Make sure all your Stores are always online at all times.

3. When there is a new chat at any Store, Ginee will immediately notify and remind you so you don’t forget to respond to customer chats.

4. Supports the 5 largest E-commerce platforms in Indonesia: Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, JD.ID and Lazada.

5. Available for Windows and MacOS.

Will Ginee Chat Cost Fee?

Ginee Chat is available for free during the Free Trial period, and is now available in all Ginee chat subscription packages such as the Basic, Pro, and Business packages.

Do I Able to Install Ginee Chat in My Phone?

Ginee Chat currently supports Windows and MacOS operating systems so it can’t be operated via Mobile.

Can I Chat from Multiple Stores at Once on Ginee Chat?

Yes, you can. All Ginee Chat features are free for a limited time. You can open Chats in all Stores that are integrated with Ginee. Currently, Ginee has a maximum limit for 100 Stores (Following the rules applicable at Ginee Seller Center).